Wet Brush Storage Solution

We at Echidna Products also have a vast experience within the painting and decorating industry. We know that as a professional painter your tools and brushes are the medium by which you apply your trade. So why keep those expensive brushes in water or immerse them in Turpentine overnight. This we know damages the ferrules. It can cause the handles to swell and split and even the bristle or nylon to flare and become distorted. Combined, this can be a costly and needless waste of time, money and resources.

The answer? Echidna Products, WBS Solution (Wet Brush Storage). A one stop, wet brush storage solution. An innovative and new design, suspending the brushes in a vapour and not fluid. Incorporating the finest of Australian made components, brought to you in a simple, robust and practical to use box. All wet oil, enamel, varnish and stain brushes can be stored for immediate use.

At the end of the day just place your wet oil brushes in one of the eighteen specially designed brush holders and replace the lid. The next time you use your brush, it is primed and ready to resume the job. As long as you keep the reservoir topped up with fluid, your brushes will stay wet. Even wet roller sleeves can be stored without the worry of them curing.

For your convenience, Echidna Products have also added a removable base to assist with your occasional cleaning of the unit and changing of the drip mat. For peace of mind we have incorporated, within the unit, a unique bottle clip that makes removal by a child difficult.

Your WBS Solution unit will truly be one of the finest and most practical additions to your toolbox.


Echidna Brush Cage

After much research and doing what we do best, listening to our Painters, Echidna Products has now developed, introduced and is on-sale the Echidna Brush Cage. Having show cased the new product at the Master Painters Association Trade Show in 2008 it was met with much interest and eager enthusiasm.

Launched nationally, the design patented Brush Cage has solved the problem of dry brush storage. Once washed and cleaned all your valuable brushes can now be stored inside the Brush Cage to dry, keeping them in shape and clean, the way they were designed.  No more flared and out of shape bristles just a simple and effective solution to a common and frustrating problem.

A smart, practical and functional storage system the Echidna Brush Cage can carry up to 10 brushes of varying sizes and if joined to another Cage by a simple Tie-Wrap system can accommodate 20 brushes. Small and thin enough to stow behind a car seat or slide neatly into the van or ute the Cage takes up no room at all and we think you will agree is a professional piece of kit.
We know you pay top dollar for quality brushes and want to keep them in tip top condition and shape. Throw away the cardboard envelopes and start using the new Echidna Brush Cage, another creation from Echidna Products, committed to bringing you the latest in quality Painting innovations. NOW AVAILABLE IN PACKS OF 4,  ACCESSORY HANGERS FOR THOSE AKWARD SIZED HANDLES.




Echidna Products, with our proven reputation for quality and innovation has recently rolled out its new product,  EcoWash. 

Still actively involved in the reduction of the use of harmful Petro Chemical Solvents within the Painting Industry, EcoWash has replaced the need for Turps when cleaning your oil based, enamel brushes and rollers. EcoWash will also clean acrylic.

EcoWash contains no poisons or harmful solvents. It is non flammable and completely soluble in water. In essence, a complete alternative to harmful White Spirit’s and Turpentine.

EcoWash will clean your brushes and rollers in one or two washes which can then be flushed safely under the tap. As a reusable product, the waste EcoWash can then be left for the debris and old paint to sink, leaving the product clean and ready to use again when seperated. The waste paint can then be left to harden and disposed of by conventional means (Trash)

EcoWash will also revive hardened brushes and bring them back to a reusable condition. Whether enamel or acrylic paints your brushes will emerge like new.

All this and many more applications in a clean and green product we think you’ll agree has been a long time coming, but worth the wait. We know what Mother Nature would want and that’s the right thing for our environment.

However small it may seem together we can make a difference.


Grip-N-Guard Protective Sheeting


Grip-N-Guard from Echidna Products is a new, multi-layer high-density polyethylene film specially designed for painting, construction, renovating and home improvement projects.

Having been rigorously tested in many applications, Grip-N-Guard is poised to set a new benchmark in surface care and protection.

Grip-N-Guard has unique clinging properties enabling one man to easily set up complete protection on nearly every surface. With minimal or virtually no taping required your work area can be quickly protected from all airborne contaminants.

Supplied with an ergonomic and easy to use safety cutter that glides through the material giving a precise cut to your required length.

Once finished Grip-N-Guard can then be removed and repositioned.

Grip-N-Guard clings to virtually any surface anywhere in the home, office, building site and  construction project. Its applications are truly endless.

The outer surface of Grip-N-Guard has been tested to retain dust 3 ½ times better than most plastic drop cloths. So not only does it protect your surfaces from dust, dirt, paint and debris it will actually attract the airborne particles that will then cling to the Grip-N-Guard surface.

Grip-N-Guard will also replace conventional cloth drop sheets. It is cleaner and you have the confidence that absolutely nothing is going to penetrate.

All said Grip-N-Guard means less clean up time and lower costs which all add up to higher profits.

Grip-N-Guard is available in .31 mil thickness and a huge contractor size of 2.74 x 122 metres, giving great value for money.