Q : How does the WBS unit work?

A : The WBS unit works by changing a natural chemical, fluid form into a vapour. This vapour will permeate around the unit via a vapour pad stopping the chemical drying process of residual paint on the brush.




Q : How long will my brushes stay wet inside the unit?

A : As long as the fluid within the reservoir has not depleted your brushes will remain useable.




Q : How long will the fluid last?

A : Under normal working conditions and steady temperatures your fluid will only need replacing every 3-4 months. (Please be aware of fluid levels when stored at varying temperatures)




Q : Can I place acrylic brushes within the unit?

A : No. The WBS unit is only compatible with oil based enamels, varnishes and stains. Water based products could inhibit the function of the unit.




Q : Will I need to clean my brushes?

A : Brushes only require cleaning when a change of colour is required.




Q : How safe is the chemical / fluid?

A: The WBS Fluid has incorporated some naturally occurring chemicals within its formula. As with all chemicals, exercise caution when storing and handling.




Q : Where can I buy replacement fluid, drip mats and vapour pads?

A : From your local paint retailer and sundry suppliers, or direct by using the contact details below. Contact us to find out your nearest supplier.